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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost calculated per page or per number of characters?

The cost of translation at MegaText is based on the following factors: 

  • Number of characters of the finished translation with spaces (unit page: 1,800 characters with spaces) 
  • Subject complexity (any specialized vocabulary, terminology) 
  • Language pair Text specifics (syntax and grammar, the need for adaptation) 
  • Order timing

How much does translation cost?
You can check out the cost of our services as well as the cost drives in Prices, or by contacting our managersby
 +7 (495) 223-70-07 (Moscow) or +7 (812) 235-65-18 (St. Petersburg).
How can I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order in cash at one of our offices (see addresses in Contacts) or by bank card via SBERBANK on Payment page.
Do I have to pick up my order in your office or is there a courier service available?
You don’t have to visit MegaText office to pick up your translation. We will send your materials by email or courier.

Courier delivery is available in Moscow and Moscow Oblast only
We also send our orders by a courier service anywhere in the world
Free delivery for orders of RUB 12,000 or more

For individuals:

Delivery of translated materials: RUB 300
Collecting of the original and delivery of translation: RUB 300

For legal entities:

Delivery of translated materials: RUB 500
Collecting of the original and delivery of translation: RUB 500
Do you notarize translations?
Notarized translation is one of the popular MegaText services.

We translate and then notarize the translator’s signature on the finished translation. See detailed information about notaries in Notarized Translation.
Can I have my documents apostilled and legalized?
We provide assistance in apostillation, nostrification and consular legalization with the state authorities (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Civil Registration Office). Our specialists promptly advise you on preparing a package of documents and instantly answer your questions.
Do you guarantee the confidentiality of my documents?
We guarantee complete confidentiality of the information provided by our clients. This is the most important rule of cooperation with MegaText.
Can I get a Certificate of Good Conduct from you?
We assist in obtaining a Certificate of Good Conduct. The official certificate can only be obtained from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

MegaText translation agency network can help you obtain certificates containing only true information about the applicant.
How quickly do you translate?
The following factors affect the timing of translation:

  • length of the material to be translated
  • complexity (any highly specialized vocabulary)
  • text specifics
  • language combination
Flexible process of work organization allows MegaText to perform urgent translations in the shortest possible time.
What is the minimum translation volume?
The minimum order for a written translation is 1 page. The only exception is the translation of a seal or a stamp. As for interpreting and accompanying the transaction at the notary, the minimum working time is usually 4 hours.