Apostillation and legalization of documents

Apostillation and Legalization

MegaText provides a full range of legalization services

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We offer:

Assistance in legalization of documents of any complexity
Prompt consultation for preparation of document packages

Legalization of documents

We provide assistance in organizing legalization of documents



A special stamp of official confirmation of documents’ legal validity for use in member states of the Hague Convention

Consular Legalization

A multi-step procedure for legalizing documents, used in countries where apostille has no legal effect


A procedure for the recognition of foreign institutions’ educational documents on the territory of the Russian Federation

Legalization of documents

We provide assistance in organizing legalization of documents


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How can I choose a service and what is the difference?

Apostillation and Consular Legalization

Required for:

  • Business or study visas.
  • Purchase of real estate abroad.
  • Citizenship.
  • Getting married in a foreign country.
When is nostrification required?

Nostrification is required for graduates of schools, universities and other educational institutions of foreign countries to study in Russia, get employed in a particular professional field, etc.

Do I need to have my documents legalized?

Legalization is required for the use or provision of official documents in non-member states of the Hague Convention.

Legalization is most often required for the following documents:

  • Diplomas and educational documents.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct.
  • Birth certificate.
How much do the services cost?

Apostille: min. RUB 4,500

Legalization: min. RUB 3,500

Nostrification: min. RUB 11,000

You can get more information from MegaText managers by phone: +7 (495) 223-70-07 (Moscow) or +7 (812) 235-65-18 (St. Petersburg).