Cost of Translation and Other Services

We fulfill orders of any complexity at affordable prices

Language Into Russian

(1,800 characters with spaces)

From Russian

(1,800 characters with spaces)






min. RUB 480 min. RUB 560
Chinese min. RUB 1,000 min. RUB 1,100

Final cost per page depends on the text length and target language.

Cost of translation of personal documents


Translation of a standard personal document (including for legal entities)

Cost of translation


Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Name (Surname) Change Certificate

Pension Certificate

Diploma without academic record

Driver’s license

High School Diploma without academic record

Certificate of Good Conduct

Certificate of Employment

Certificate of Student Status

Certificate from Civil Registration Office

Certificate of Individual State Registration as Individual Entrepreneur

min. RUB 400*

* Final cost depends on the document length and target language.


Service Cost of translation

(specified without VAT)

Translation of medical, technical, advertising, marketing and literary texts min. RUB 700*
European languages min. RUB 480**
CIS languages min. RUB 450**
Rare languages min. RUB 700**
Translation from “vanishing” languages, dialects, jargons, etc. (Gagauz, Catalan, etc.) by prior arrangement

** Final cost per translation page depends on the text length and language.

Editing of the translation provided by the client or previously made (available in the database) 50% of cost of translation
Interpretation for a transaction at the notary RUB 2,000 per hour (min. order of 1 hour)
Seal translation min. RUB 200
Apostille translation min. RUB 250

Notarization and certification with a company seal (confirmation of authenticity)

Service Cost
Certification of translation with a company seal RUB 150 per document
Notarization of a translator’s signature

min. RUB 900 per document (for Moscow)

min. RUB 900 per document (for St. Petersburg)

Notarization of a document copy min. RUB 120 per page

Legalization of documents

Service Cost
Apostille placement at the Main Department of the Ministry of Justice of Russia in Moscow (including state duty)

RUB 4,500 per document

Apostille placement on original diploma of education Diploma + academic record are stitched into one document (including state duty)

RUB 6,000 per document (45–75 working days) (for Moscow)

RUB 6,500 per document (45–75 working days) (for St. Petersburg)

Apostille placement on original documents in civil registration offices and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (including state duty)

RUB 4,500 per document

Partial consular legalization**** (Ministry of Justice and Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) (including state duty) RUB 3,500 per document (14 working days)
Legalization of documents in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (including state duty) RUB 4,000 per document (3 working days)
Nostrification of educational documents issued outside the Russian Federation (including state duty) RUB 11,000 per document (min. 3 months)

Additional Services

Service Cost
Typing and retyping of documents (standard page) RUB 100
Scanning, recognition RUB 500/hour
Simple DTP (formatting). Working with editable text in MS Office formats RUB 450/hour

Courier Service

Delivery method For individuals For legal entities
Courier delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg RUB 300 RUB 500
Courier delivery outside the city as agreed as agreed

If the order exceeds RUB 12,000, courier delivery is FREE OF CHARGE

Rent a set of stationary simultaneous interpreting equipment

Number of headphones Cost
30 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 32,000
60 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 34,500
90 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 38,000
120 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 42,000
150 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 45,500
180 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 59,500
220 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 73,000
250 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 77,500
280 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 81,500
320 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 87,000
350 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 91,500
380 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 95,500
400 listeners (“headphones”) min. RUB 100,000

* Final cost depends on the equipment set, venue and timing of the event.

* Cost of renting a set of radio equipment for simultaneous interpretation (one transmitter and 40 receivers) starts from RUB 15,000 per day.

Cost Drivers

The length of the source text directly determines the cost of the translation, but the style of the content makes the difference: for example, a large newspaper article will be relatively inexpensive compared to a smaller, highly specialized manual
The specifics of the text and terminology intensity also affect the cost. Thus, the price for complex technical and legal translations will be higher
The peculiarities of format recognition and the need for further formatting require additional time and are included in the cost.
Urgent, but quality translation also implies an adjustment of the price
The status of a regular customer and participation in MegaClub program provides you with individual discounts in MegaText