Full-Time Jobs

We are always looking for active and experienced specialists who will professionally and accurately perform interesting orders and projects

Manager – English Translator


  • Higher education (linguistic/translation). 
  • English (intermediate), knowledge of other languages is also welcomed.
  • PC knowledge and experience.
  • Experience of working with a translation agency is an advantage. 
  • Experience of working with clients is a plus.
  • Responsibility, attentiveness and social skills.
  • A degree in linguistics or translation is a must.

Job duties:

  • Work with clients (WITHOUT COLD CALLS AND SEARCHING): 
  • Telephone consultation on company services.
  • Business correspondence.
  • Order processing.
  • Support of translation projects.
  • Registration of orders; cost and deadline estimation.
  • Project follow-up (deadlines, stages).
  • Issue of an invoice against a fulfilled order.


  • Growth and development opportunities, additional training. 
  • Office work, without traveling and searching for clients. 
  • Five-day week, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
  • MegaText-Express is represented in Moscow by more than 20 offices within walking distance from metro stations.
  • Salary is discussed during the interview (fixed salary + bonus). 
  • Employment under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. 
  • Social package: medical insurance, paid vacations and sick leave, meal compensation.
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Editor-Translator (Medical)

Our expectations: 

We expect that you have worked in either the medical translation field, health care system, or in a medical-related academic field for quite some time. You are expected to have a solid background in English sources and a broad outlook that allows you to find the right path even in areas you are not quite familiar with. In addition, you must have a well-developed “editorial sense”, that is, the ability to find errors in other people’s texts.

Almost mandatory requirements:

Medicine, pharmacology or biochemistry education. It is difficult to work with specialized medical texts without a proper education. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to every rule. If you have a long-lasting and successful experience in working with medical topics as a translator or an editor, your lack of a degree will not be an obstacle. After all, “medical subject” is a very broad definition, and no one is able to know in depth the terminology of all medical fields.

Your knowledge of written English. We expect that your language proficiency allows you to be fluent in English sources, and not just within your usual specialty area. You should also be able to translate into English and work with Russian > English texts. We do not expect you to understand the language on a stylistic level, but a confident command of grammar, a comparatively wide vocabulary, and a good knowledge of English medical terminology are definitely expected.

The ability to find and intelligently correct errors in other people’s texts. This is the actual editorial part of the job. We do not believe that the editor of medical texts is markedly different from editors of other materials in this respect, so we will offer you to perform a universal editorial test on non-specialized topics. Among other things, your overall level of literacy will be assessed. We approach the assessment without excessive effort, and do not cling to the occasional missed comma, quotation marks of wrong pattern, etc. But there is a certain bar that needs to be set.

Added value:

  • Knowledge of other languages (in addition to English). German is especially welcome. 
  • Experience in building a system to work with freelance translators and fine-tuning translation processes.

Approximate set of duties:

  • Participate in the most critical medical assignments (as an editor or a translator). 
  • Perform quality control and selective editing of routine medical projects.
  • Participate in debugging and improvement of translation processes of medical texts. 
  • Evaluate translators’ proficiency and select translation teams for projects. 
  • Work with terminology, maintain glossaries. 
  • Provide feedback to translators, advise translators on current issues.